We study the Environment closely to make it better!

A close watch on the elements in the environment such as toxins, chemicals, bacteria and pollutants, is what we take on when we call ourselves the ‘Environment Watchers’.

From monitoring the levels of pollution to the levels of moisture in the air, soil sampling and water monitoring, we do all it takes to read the signs of an oncoming deterioration in the quality of Life itself!

It does not stop there. At PRISM, we offer accessible, affordable and sustainable solutions to all the above.


We are partners with OIZOM to constantly monitor the environment from reducing in quality.

Oizom holds the key on various sensor technologies for its IoT instruments. The sensors are enhanced through constant calibrations and validations. Oizom Instruments has its sensors validated on proven fundamentals like NDIR, Electrochemical, Semiconductor, Noise-Mic, Optical, Laser-Scattering etc. The measurement methods are based on cross-technology comparison which allows the best sensors to be selected for the required application.

The data transmission protocols are highly secured and protected by data encryption methods. The cloud servers can withhold high QPS with zero drop-down rate which makes cloud computing and real-time data readily available on the Oizom Terminal. With Intelligent Algorithms, machine learning and data science, Oizom terminals provide accurate analysis, smart reports and custom notifications.



Oizom Polludrone is a state of art environmental monitoring solution. Polludrone is smart city specific environmental monitoring solution which works on IoT technology. Its modern, sleek & compact design allows it to be easily integrated into the smart-city infrastructure. Polludrone can be powered by either Solar or Non-Solar power supply. Polludrone measures various environmental parameters like Particulate, Toxic Gases, Odours, Radiation, Traffic, Noise, Light, Weather etc.


Odosense is a complete odour monitoring solution designed for smell detection and its intensity monitoring around odourful locations. The solution is used to monitor odour around landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilizers & paper-pulp industries and soil-treatment sites.


Weathercom is enabled with some essential weather parameters like wind speed & direction, rainfall, visibility, UV-radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity, pressure etc. Weathercom is completely integratable with Polludrone Smart and Odour solutions to create and expandable monitoring solution. Weathercom is a complete Weather Communication System designed to be used in extreme weather conditions.

To be able to effectively work on a solution that answers the concerns at hand, in-depth study and monitoring of the issue is imperative. PRISM along with technology partner, OIZOM is consistently committed to the vision to be the Environment Monitors for the World.

We believe we need to know our AIR to be able to breathe in it!