“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

Unlike our flagship division PEET, Prism Project Management Services (PPMS) is a global consulting firm that delivers project management and business consulting services to clients in the MEAT region. PPMS was founded in the last quarter of 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We undertake turnkey project management from concept to design and detail engineering, empowering regional geographies to urbanize themselves with support from the government to private investors.

  • We facilitate in providing power infrastructure solutions sustainably, from fossil fuel to renewable sources adapting to demand & supply challenges.
  • We forge alliances to build synergies with regional players bringing in global technologies to develop sustainable & reliable power networks.
  • We assist in developing the power network redundancies and help build transitional power solutions.
  • We complete the value chain of our services end to end, support our end users, be it government entities, power users like captive industries, utilities service providers, private power plant service providers with CAPEX funding options from global investors.

PPMS has developed a suite of products and services supported by industry leading systems that ensure we deliver and keep our promise to our customers. Our services stem from a platform of practical knowledge and experience.   We believe that our objectives need to be continuously aligned with our customers’ requirements, whether technical or commercial, to meet the dynamic demands of modern business.

Our service range include:

Project Management

We provide quality professional services in Project Management using advanced management techniques to achieve our goals and to meet and exceed our Clients’ expectations. Our principal objective is meeting both project schedules and performance specifications within the planned budget and time frame while ensuring the highest levels of quality for the Owner/ Client.

Management Consulting

PPMS helps in business restructuring, business recovery and insolvency services by helping you identify where we are, why we are not where we thought we’d be, where we are planning to go in the future, how realistic our plan is and what challenges would be faced. Our skilled professionals can rapidly deploy cross-border services to stakeholders in troubled and seriously underperforming businesses by undertaking Independent Business Reviews, Business and Operational Restructuring, Corporate Simplification, Contingency Planning etc. Our professionals quickly identify problems, gain co-operation, develop viable solutions and implement them with sensitivity and precision.

Energy Audits and Energy Saving Solutions

An Energy Audit is the first step to understanding how energy is used within a building. This understanding illuminates how to reduce energy consumption as well as operating costs to improve environmental impact. Through our strategic partners, PPMS has expertise in delivering energy audits for both the commercial and industrial sector, either for compliance or to deal with your specific requests. Our energy consultants and data analysts use a transparent and independent approach to support your organization in identifying the best, efficient and cost-saving opportunities. Optimizing HVAC and Lighting in your building can dramatically decrease your energy bill. With our IOT based automation solutions we ensure better efficiency, increased comfort level and large savings for owners, Facility management cos, etc.

Infrastructure Solutions

As an independent consultancy that offers specialized services in the areas of energy and infrastructure, we develop electrical infrastructure solutions for low, medium and high voltage systems and Wi-Fi to Air 5G cellular mobile telecommunication solutions. Together with a skilled multidisciplinary team in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution, we have the expertise to help our clients from the technical conception to execution. Amongst the electrical infrastructure services offered, we highlight the basic/detailed engineering design and analysis of medium voltage networks, substations, transmission lines and connection bays, electrical system integration studies (load flow and short circuit analysis) and grounding system design. 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest research, 5G offers connections that are faster than current connections. Our Wi-Fi to Air 5G cellular mobile telecommunication solutions deliver guaranteed broadband services bundled with enterprise collaboration solutions, digital cable television and interactive multimedia applications. We deliver all these through an extensive network infrastructure, state-of-the-art I.T. data center, and a digital media library like no other. This means high-speed surfing, ultra-fast downloading, unlimited channels selection all delivered in a guaranteed service package.


Technology has become an important aspect of doing business today. The technology needs of a company continues to grow with it. To aid you in effectively keeping pace with this constant need to upgrade, we at PRISM are consistently focused on services designed to help our clients attribute instant value-boost to their organisation. We introduce new insights to the challenges they face and introduce bring in new and innovative solutions. We amalgamate with our client to understand issues, eliminate noise and arrive at pragmatic business answers.

Putting you first is at the core of our philosophy, one we live by, every single day. We believe that the only path to success is the result of partnership, integrity and true engagement. Our approach is as unique. We would like to cut through the clutter, skip the endless theorizing and focus on innovative & result-oriented solutions.

At Prism, we are proficient as strategic partners for Coral Business Solutions, to deliver Realsoft – a completely VAT accredited ERP Software Solution in the MEA region. The software is carefully designed with precise details to plug in and achieve the requisites of any corporate outfit. Our solution aims to unify the core processes needed to run a company namely Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Services, Procurement and others into a single system.

Renewable Energy Management

Energy is a crucial issue for sustainable developments. While conventional energy sources will remain the main supply of energy for the world, the importance of renewable energy sources and their current advances are discussed with a special emphasis on energy conservation policy.

Sustainable energy management is a key issue for companies today. As long-term strategic thinkers, energy entrepreneurs must be closely involved in these practices. They play an important role in helping their organizations make more sustainable energy choices. Energy entrepreneurs support energy consumption reduction efforts with their in-depth knowledge of energy costs. And they help steer management towards the right decisions for using renewable energy.

Sustainability aims at striking the right balance between a company’s financial considerations and its impact on people and the planet. Energy entrepreneurs can play an important part in increasing profitability while diminishing companies’ environmental impact. Too often, companies shoot from the hip in their sustainable energy management efforts, rather than deploy a well-structured approach. This can lead to sub-optimal investments, with less carbon saved per euro or dollar invested.

Energy procurement often only addresses sustainability considerations at the very end, when contracts need to be signed. That’s a pity, as involvement from the very start can lead to better choices, with more optimal result for the financial and the environmental bottom line.

Energy management is the strategic evaluation of the use of energy. It is the systematic planning for achieving levels of energy efficiency. It means fine-tuning the energy usage of machinery, equipment, buildings, physical structures or processes. We at PRISM not only help you set up new projects but also manage your existing projects to attain optimal energy efficiency while switching to Renewable Solutions. From evaluating your energy use to customizing energy programs to increase efficiency and reduce energy-related costs, we walk you through the whole way. We redesign processes, retrofit buildings and equipment, and rework energy-related systems for our clients.