Prism Enterprise Electrical Trading (PEET)

PEET, a niche service provider for Reliable Power Solutions is a market leader in all Power solutions.

Prism Project Management Services (PPMS)

PPMS is a global consulting firm that delivers project management and business consulting services

PRISM Group is synonymous to Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Aiming to effectively change the quality of living, working and delivering solutions, PRISM aspires to be your “value enhancing solutions and service provider” (VESSP).

A coherent vision for sustainable development, a focus on the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations and a guarantee to balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being, this is what we are.

The negative environmental consequences of economic growth and globalization is inevitable. With this consciousness, we strive to prevent nature from being used as an inexhaustible source of resources.

Our solutions in Renewable Energy, Saving Water, Desalination, Waste Water Treatment and Sustainable Living contribute to achieving environmental sustainability on several fronts. PRISM wants to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, quality benchmark and innovation processes to all projects, optimization of efficient use of resources and respect for the environment.

Just a year old, the company is surely and definitively making its mark in the Renewable Energy Sector. Though the dependence on fossil fuel cannot be easily or soon done away with, PRISM is committed to moving towards a world that someday, very near in the future, will run completely on Renewable Power Solutions!

If the question is about Sustainability and a Zero Carbon footprint, at PRISM, we have the solution.