“Efficiency is the Holy Grail that every business wants to chase.” – Tobias Matthews, Fourth Source.

Businesses that have all their data be it processes or legal information or even asset and inventory information, readily and interactively available and updated, to be used effectively and strategically are businesses to lookout for. The important question is how many businesses are truly efficient today? The answer is probably very few. With technology leaping ten folds by the day, keeping up is not only imperative but also easier than it seems.

Almost a third of small businesses surveyed by Canon said they spend too much time on admin and not enough on generating new business, one of many signs that things aren’t running as smoothly as they could.

Both the challenge and the opportunity lie in technology. Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Does that mean things are becoming complicated and difficult to fathom? Not really! It means there are more tools and solutions now than ever, to take your path to efficiency.

At PRISM. when we are talking business and getting a business automated, it simply means to put all the existing stuff that you do into a system that automates processes, captures data, translates sales and growth and generates reports & insights. So that your key business activities are targeted and focused on. The business activities listed below are the ones broadly targeted when we mean “Technology in Business”:

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Conferencing
  • Building Intelligence

ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING - Taking it to a Real new level!

PRISM has joined hands with technology partners, Coral ME to bring to you an ERP Solution for your business that not only integrates the complete management information of your company to a common platform but also ensures that the practices incorporated reduces operation costs aiming to achieve the desired level of profitability. From giving you a thumbs up on Workflow Management, Business Intelligence, Managerial Dashboard, Business Process Scalability, Customizable Interfaces and Reports to Concepts and Practices of International Standards and Extensive Document Management, Coral ME’s RealSoft ERP is the solution.

If you already do not have it, it is that piece in the jigsaw you’ve been missing!


For any business, Customer Satisfaction and Experience is still a big measure of its growth. How Easy and Effective the experience is, the higher the Satisfaction. This specially applies to Banking, as money matters have always been complicated and tedious.

PRISM with technology partners, Teknospire brings under its fold solutions to simply take you through hassle-free financial transactions and more. Teknopire’s FinX Suites that covers Lite Banking Suit, Mobile Financial Services, Frictionless Payment, BI & Analytics and Automated Reconciliation makes it a 3600 Banking Solution for Last Mile.

A mobile money suite, which comprehensively addresses the needs of International Banks.  Where a core Banking solution already exists. we can deliver a link that incorporates the e-Wallet with the existing banking solution.  A customized package is designed where the existing banking solution can be set up at very nominal price with a core focus to help them to take migrate to the new application. Once the blended Suite is in place, it ensures the following:

  • Banking / financial transactions direct to consumer and via assisted commerce (agent network)
  • For many banks who continue to buy their agency banking platform separately, FinX comes built with multi-level hierarchy and access controls for admin, back-office, distributors, super-agents and agents.
  • Both Banking and Value-added services can be integrated on this single interface for ease of bank’s management on reconciliations and reporting.
  • Merchant payments are built in such that offline payments need not have cards and POS. Payments at merchant shops can be processed via QR code / OTP.
  • Management dashboards, BI and analytics engine is part of the suite that essentially integrates with bank’s core transactions as well the overall BI representation. 

The FinX Suite promises to take newly /incumbent licensed bank (applies to financial institutions like NBFCs, MFIs, Cooperative and Credit Unions too) on a digital transformation path within 6-8 weeks. Though the concept evolved from the need for emerging markets to have a digital inclusion at the last mile, it is already imperative for the western worlds’ digital banking needs to feature on cloud with Open APIs.

The solutions have the following key modules that powers the digital banks / last-mile financial institutions:

  • Lean banking engine to be able to hold no-frills CA/SA, loan accounts, key products like daily deposits, micro-loans. Mobile Money suite fully implemented at few sites.
  • Omni-channel interfaces to end consumer as well as digital branches (agent led models)
  • Switching engine for aggregating other products/services from sponsor banks / 3rd party service providers, connectivity into national financial infrastructure
  • Merchant payments offline modules powered with QR code/ OTP / Virtual cards
  • Back office reconciliation, reporting, compliance and dashboards


HyLo is short for a hyper-local marketplace engine that connects densely paced communities and commerce. Backed with Influencer marketing DNA, this commercial market place aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem within a locality connecting consumers with the service providers. Though it looks and sounds like a marketplace, it would ultimately evolve into a Neobank.

What is a Neobank?
A neobank is a type of direct bank that is 100% digital and reaches customers on mobile apps and personal computer platforms only. Neobanks do not operate traditional physical branch networks. Neobanks are technology-driven and may adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies whilst not being constrained by legacy systems of traditional banking competitors.

PRISM with technology partners Teknospire, aims to take HyLo to greater heights to give access to the SME sector around the world where a solution to the need for such a marketplace is becoming imperative.