There is NO substitute for WATER.

Are you confident of the quality of the water you are drinking right now? It could be out of a tap or bottled mineral water or even one that is coming through a water purifier. Most of us are not aware of the quality of our drinking water. If its bottled and sealed, it’s got to be safe or if it’s coming through a water purifier installed in our premises, it must be.

Research proves there is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers on the planet combined.

It’s a known fact that drinking water is essential for all body functions and life itself. Considering that our bodies are approximately 60% liquid and our brains are 70% water, understanding the importance of safe, accessible and affordable drinking water is the beginning of creating solutions that would reclaim water from the atmosphere.

AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) Technology is a break-through solution to ease drinking water shortage and accessibility.

The concept behind the AWG machines is to produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere surrounding the earth. Humidity from the air is captured by the AWG unit and converted into pure healthy drinking water.