Being accountable and answerable for our footprints is the call of the hour.

Towards this, PRISM is dedicated and committed to Wastewater Management under its spectrum of sustainable activities.

Water pollutants and chemicals are broken down and segregated to reclaim water into Grey Water that can be recycled into nature and reused for purposes of agriculture and sanitation.

Wastewater Management is a complex process. Imagine converting a glass water from the sewage lines into something that can be used to wash your dishes or even take a bath! Process that are both chemical or physical and biological are used to treat water. In a nutshell, wastewater management is a complete process of taking raw wastewater, treating it to eliminate pollutants, toxins and bacteria, passing it through multiple stages of screening and treatment to arrive at what is called Grey Water. This is further either recycled back in to the nature or reclaimed for various purposes.

As a renewable initiative, PRISM is passionate about Wastewater Management as much as we are about Water Conservation. Because Water Reclaimed is Water Conserved!